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Things to know before class:

We provide all the equipment you need for class. Most important things to remember are:
Naturally Yoga
Naturally Yoga Wear comfortable clothing
Naturally Yoga Try not to eat 2 hours before class
Naturally Yoga Bring a water bottle
The beginners course was amazing. I learnt so much and it was easy to progress into regular classes after attending the course.
David, Qld
I just did not realise there was so much depth to yoga, i always thought it was just about stretching.
Sue, Qld


I am without qualities, immutable,
everlasting and flawless, unchanging,
without form, externally free and eternally pure.
Sanskrit mantra


Upcoming Courses & Workshops
Beginner's Yoga Course (4 Wks)
(Mats & equipment are provided)
      4th August
4 consecutive weeks
         Mon 7.15 - 8.30pm


1/655 Toohey Rd (Border Tarragindi & Salisbury)
Our beginners course is designed specifically to introduce you to the many health benefits of yoga. The course is designed so you will understand the foundations of how to align, adjust and move effectively in poses and sequences helping you develop strength, flexibility and tone. During the course we will explore:
  • The foundations of yoga postures, adjustments & alignment
  • Postures to help relieve tension & tightness
  • Postures that develop openness & flexibility
  • Postures that will improve strength and tone levels
  • Postures that enliven and energise your body & mind
  • Meditations & relaxations to calm, centre and focus the mind
  • Introduction into the theory & philosophy of yoga
  • As part of the course you will also recieve:
  • A guided relaxation practice on audio (to practice at home)
  • A guided beginners yoga sequence on PDF (to practice at home)
Price: $99 Bookings Essential


Prenatal Yoga Course
6th August
 9th August
Wednesday 6-7pm
Saturday 8.30 - 9.30am
1/655 Toohey Rd (Border Tarragindi & Salisbury)
Pregnancy yoga is a great way to prepare your self for birth and help you adjust to the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur through the pregnancy. A regular yoga class can reduce some of the difficult changes that occur through each trimester, help you adjust emotionally to the changes and prepare the body for the birthing process. Doctors and natural therapists alike recommend yoga as a way to adjust and enhance yours and the baby's health through out pregnancy.



The pregnancy classes are scheduled in 5 week blocks.

The next 5 week blocks starts on:

Wednesday the 2nd July 6-7pm
Saturday the 5th July 8:30-9:30am

Please book ahead of time as spaces are limited.

Missed class policy -

Missed classes can be made up on the alternative day of the week the class is offered. Purchases are non-refundable, or transferable after pregnancy.

Women over 35 weeks may visit and practice at a casual fee of $20. Please book in advance as spaces may be limited.


Price: $99. Bookings Essential.
September Yoga Challenge
September 2014
1/655 Toohey Rd (Border Tarragindi & Salisbury)


That's right! We are holding another monthly yoga challenge this autumn. We challenge you to practice 20 classes in 30 days to discover and unearth the endless benefits yoga has to offer. There is no cost to join the challenge, simply use any class pass option we have or use your own current pass (we recommend using the 1 month unlimited pass option if you are not on an unlimited pass already). Attending courses, workshops and events also count as classes for the challenge.
Upon successful completion you will receive either 1 week of unlimited yoga to add to your pass or a free yoga mat.
Please inform your teacher that you are participating or email us to let us know.
Good Luck!
Yin Yoga and Healing Sound Wave Meditation
Saturday May 3rd
1/655 Toohey Rd (Border Tarragindi & Salisbury)
Yin Yoga is a slower paced yet very deep style of yoga where poses are held for extended periods of time. Surrendering to each posture sends energy directly to the connective tissues, the tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin poses are designed to improve the flow of qi - the subtle energy which runs through the meridian pathways - thus regulating energy in the body. Experience the power of bhakti yoga and open your heart through sacred chanting and mantra. Round all this off with vibrational sound healing meditation as you journey deep within the cells of your body to where the vibration begins. Be energetically bathed with a variety of healing instruments including crystal singing bowls, didge, harmonic whirlies, drums and shakers.
Cost: $30
Teachers: Kaya & Stace
Bookings Required: Please email to reserve your space.
****This event is known to book out early
Meditation Workshop
Sunday May 11th
1/655 Toohey Rd (Border Tarragindi & Salisbury)


What: Meditation Workshop designed to practically and theoretically explore meditation. Designed for all levels of meditation.
Cost: $65
Teacher: Michael Hetherington
Bookings required: Please email us to reserve your space





Naturally Yoga

Naturally Yoga

Naturally Yoga